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A young engineer from Dresden, Germany. Academically a Master's graduate from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. Now working as a Business Development Engineer.


I am Dan Lee, Engineer.

  • Dan Lee
  • 1993-11-03
  • Engineering

    • Web Development
    • Mobile Development
    • Programming
  • Project Management

    • Larpos SPY


  • Engineer

    DBS Software Inc.

    Worked as a junior in DBS' young engineering department. Programming tasks included object oriented programming of new applications as well as building a new cloud system (project) for internal use.

  • Senior Developer

    Google Inc.

    My current job as a senior developer for Google is all about new projects and innovative technology. We are working on 3 big Google projects at the moment, including email updates, location pinning software and data tracking analytics.



  • Technische Universität Dresden

    Master Engineer

    Master's degree in engineering and minor in computer science. Also took classes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Technologies (ARD).

  • 6 Week Success

    Advanced Flash Programming Course

    A course at our local community college about Flash Programming. I needed to brush up my Flash skills in order to work on a project so I took a course locally.


Name: Dan Lee